About Us

About Us:

Education Voters of Ohio envisions a state in which every child graduates from high school prepared for college, career, civic engagement, and success in life, and in which every graduate has access to affordable higher education. EVOH envisions a rededication of public policy and public funds to public education’s historic purpose: preparing each student for civic engagement and lifelong learning. EVOH envisions Ohioans across the state engaged in common pursuit of that purpose.

Many organizations develop and implement innovative educational programs. Many organizations conduct valuable research on what works (and what doesn’t) in education. Many organizations translate research into practice. Education Voters of Ohio is different. EVOH connects the good work done by other organizations with the advocacy necessary to bring that good work to scale. EVOH works in the policy arena to encourage systemic change. EVOH creates and increases voter demand for excellent education, using state-of-the-art civic participation activities and public information campaigns to generate demand for policies that will accomplish four key goals:

  • Eliminating educational inequities within and across districts and the state;
  • Encouraging innovation and creativity to address the needs of every child;
  • Investing in quality teachers, reducing turnover and increasing student success; and
  • Guaranteeing universal access to pre-K through postsecondary education.

Education Voters of Ohio capitalizes on people’s concern with public education to increase civic engagement. EVOH supports voters in reframing the education policy debate around the principle that education is a basic civil right and concentrates on three strategic initiatives: building an activist base, training education leaders to be more effective advocates, and developing an actionable policy agenda. Cutting-edge civic participation tools include a platform for ongoing, interactive dialogue on public education. This internet tool will alert voters to local, state, and national issues and actions; publicize voter questions about education issues; and broadcast web-based video.

We welcome inquiries from state leaders and education activists who want to join forces to strengthen education-oriented civic engagement.